What Kind of Nation is America?

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También en español Many people today, uneducated in the ideals upon which our nation is founded, will claim that we are a “Christian” nation. Others, slightly more respectful of reality, may call us “Judeo-Christian” or even “monotheistic.” All of these notions miss the real point. Though these terms may accurately name some contributory cultural sources, the founding ideals of our nation are vastly superior to the theologies, dogmas, doctrines, and moralities of any and all human religion.

Consider the mottoes and symbols of our nation that bombard us at every turn, and meditate for once upon their true meaning. For example, the Latin slogans:

E Pluribus Unum—from many, one—unity without uniformity

Annuit Coeptis—he approves our undertaking—divine providence is assured

Novus Ordo Seclorum—a new order of the ages—we’re here to change the world

What is this all about? Are these empty classical boasts, or do they hold genuine meaning for understanding our national purpose?

In preparing for a brief presentation on the history of sacred sexuality in “western culture” during our Blueprint for a Revolution program at Creating Change, I was able to present a narrative showing how ideals, ideas, and practices, dating from ancient, if not prehistorical times, had progressively converged to the present day when we are at last able to begin to openly celebrate sexual freedom in all its manifestations.

As I reviewed the timeline of these events, it became clear that the common basis of association that brought together the “founding fathers” was actually a system of rational thought that had existed for centuries in secret groups, which finally emerged in Western Europe, triggered the Enlightenment, and inspired the deistic but non-sectarian approach that was able to unite thirteen colonies into one nation. The label publicly attached to this world view was “Rosicrucian.” If any labeled tradition can be said to lie at the foundation of our nation, it is Rosicrucian.

Rosicrucianism involves many things beyond such ideals. The single, central core of the system has always been the sacred employment of sex and eroticism in the service of individual moral growth and spiritual perfection. And this dynamic, too, is being reborn today in evolution of American society.

There’s more about this stuff in my talk “Dawn of the New Age” and I will write about other aspects soon.

—Dan Massey