Your Destiny is Transgender

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También en español Last week we attended a meeting of the trans section of a local PFLAG chapter. I guess there’s nowhere to fit the T into the acronym, much less the fully erased B. In any case, it’s clear these folks provide an important service to the trans community. Both parents of trans kids and trans parents were there, with the adult trans experience and wisdom helping the parents better cope with natural anxieties, given the extreme social pressures their children face.

As you know from my paper Why We Are All Transgender,  we consider the term “transgender” to be denotive of a human quality that reflects individual attunement and sensitivity to the natural psychic organization of the universe, which has no concept of “gender”. Only where actual physical reproduction occurs, do beings initially begin life in bodies segregated by genetic sex. Once such bodies pass reproductive age, there is no value in retaining genetic sex sterotypes. For reasons we do not understand, some people become attuned to this transgender destiny at an early age, even as children, and develop socially and present themselves androgynously.

In the trans PFLAG meeting, I was thinking how amazing and beautiful it was that these young people were blessed with this cosmic eruption into everyday life, that they might lead a doubting humanity to live the truth. And then I offered a comment aloud that I thought these kids were truly blessed. But I know that this understanding I feel in my heart for out entire trans community is completely at variance with just about everyone’s life experience.

With this thought in mind, I want you to take a look at the report Injustice at Every Turn, recently released by the National Center for Transgender Equality and the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force. This depicts in full detail how every formal component of human society denies the most basic human rights to the transgender. This report is a scathing illumination of the most vile aspects of collective human behavior in areas of economy, government, and religion. It is incomprehensible to me how people can be so ignorant, fearful, and callous as to deny these unusually gifted individuals the right to contribute meaningfully to society.

I will return to this topic in future notes, because this relates closely to the central, foundational challenge of reforming society’s views on sexual freedom, beginning with Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SO+GI).

–Dan Massey