Your Destiny is Transgender

For more on Transhuman Erotic Freedom... También en español Last week we attended a meeting of the trans section of a local PFLAG chapter. I guess there's nowhere to fit the T into the acronym, much less the fully erased B. In any case, it's clear these folks provide an important service to the trans community. Both parents of trans kids and trans parents were there, with the adult trans experience and wisdom helping the parents better cope with natural anxieties, given the extreme social pressures their children face. As you know from my paper Read More

Starting Out Young to Build the Temple

For more on Transhuman Erotic Freedom... When you were a teen did you go to DeMolay? Or perhaps you were a Daughter of Job? Or a Rainbow Girl? Were both your grandfathers 33rd degree Masons? Was your mom Most Worthy Grand Matron of the Eastern Star? And did you ever figure out what it was all about? Yes, you knew you were always supposed to be really nice to everybody because that was the “square” thing to do, in a culture where “square” was a compliment rather than an insult, and then there was the Jacques DeMolay business. DeMolay, the last ...

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What Kind of Nation is America?

For more on Transhuman Erotic Freedom... También en español Many people today, uneducated in the ideals upon which our nation is founded, will claim that we are a “Christian” nation. Others, slightly more respectful of reality, may call us “Judeo-Christian” or even “monotheistic.” All of these notions miss the real point. Though these terms may accurately name some contributory cultural sources, the founding ideals of our nation are vastly superior to the theologies, dogmas, doctrines, and moralities of any and all human religion. Consider the mottoes and symbols of our nation that bombard us at every turn, and meditate for once ...

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Kinky Twin Cities

For more on Transhuman Erotic Freedom... One of the great joys of VenusPlusX and Team COLUMBIA’s presence at Creating Change 2011 was meeting people from the local Minneapolis - St. Paul community who found our open acceptance and promotion of freedom in all matters erotic very much in line with their own experiences and understandings. Team COLUMBIA’s exposition and unification of all forms of sex and gender expression and satisfaction, including many themes and forms not otherwise visible at conferences like Creating Change, set a new standard for erotic inclusiveness, attracting the attention of the local queer community and ...

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Transgender, Sexuality, Pleasures, Protections

Editor's Note: Jennifer M. Barge, founder of TransHealth Coordinators, offers this contribution to our blog-based conversation about sexual freedom emanating this week from VenusPlusX and Creating Change in Minneapolis. Jennifer is a frequent guest speaker and produces health services access portals for municipalities, conferences, and at Transgender-Sexuality-Pleasures-Protection I started doing a workshop a few years back called “Safer Sexual Practices and Pleasures for the Transgender Bodied Person.” The reason for these classes is both to educate about the risks of unsafe behavior and to encourage the ideas that pleasure can come in a safe form. Many times people confuse ...

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Kushaba Moses Mworeko: International Sexual Freedom Advocate

Kushaba Moses Mworeko is no stranger to adversity. After losing both his parents and newborn sister to AIDS-related illness as a teenager in Uganda, Moses took it upon himself to raise his five younger siblings, eventually putting himself and his brothers through college in his home country. Despite being repeatedly harassed, his dedication, moral resolve, and religious faith helped him to successfully pursue a Master’s Degree at Uganda’s Christian University. It was here, while preparing for a career in Child and Maternal Health, that a snooping secretary uncovered a private email correspondence between Moses and a male friend, a discovery that resulted in the loss of his teaching position, as well as the escalation of suspicion, persecution, and threats of violence on the part of his fellow citizens in the virulently anti-gay cultural climate of Uganda.

Unity Without Uniformity

Sexual Freedom

For more on Transhuman Erotic Freedom... COLUMBIA is a radically new philosophy of being that emphasizes the ideas and ideals that draw people together in mutual support, as opposed to the secondary qualities that differentiate one person from another. We are activists wholly dedicated to the sexual liberation of humanity worldwide. We are certain that, if all recognize their common nature and stand together, we can change the common culture, since such change benefits all. Last summer  I wrote a short paper for Woodhull Freedom Foundation's State of Sexual Freedom in the US Report 2010 showing how all the labels ...

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