New Hampshire Lawmaker Urges Married Couples To Practice Abstinence

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News of Note: New Hampshire Lawmaker Urges Married Couples To Practice Abstinence

A New Hampshire lawmaker with a history of surprising statements suggested on Thursday that married couples who want to use contraception should practice abstinence instead of using birth control pills

State Rep. Lynne Blankenbeker (R-Concord) made the claim — noting that abstinence is available “over the counter” along with condoms — during a legislative committee hearing on a resolution urging the Obama administration to drop the birth control requirement for religious organizations. Blankenbeker was trying to explain her position on why the administration’s requirement to provide insurance coverage for birth control should be overturned.

“People with or without insurance have two affordable choices, one being abstinence and the other being condoms, both of which you can get over the counter,” she said.

The conservative battle against human sexuality seems to be endless. Telling married couples that sexual abstinence is another form of birth control, completely disregards all appreciation couples may have for sex. The religious belief that sex should exist only for procreation is both unhealthy and offensive. These backward ideologies only worsen the depth of sexual repression that our culture already suffers from.

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