Still a Virgin? Bi and Trans Can Help YOU!

Bisexual Erotica 8th Century Japan

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También en español Once you admit to yourself that you and everybody else in the world is “queer,” you have to confront the question of how the human race will continue if everyone is either L, G, B, or T. And this raises the question of how “straight people” can or should contribute to a modern, sex-rad society.

Of course, some people will immediately think, “If there are no straights, there will be no kids.” Well,  that thought is a symptom of the famous disorder of thinking called “bisexual erasure.” Oh, yes, bisexuals reproduce all the time, like rabbits. It is their nature. Try and stop them. And their kids are going to be kinky, too.

But this isn’t about reproduction. The LGBT community can easily repopulate the world with nice people if the assholes suddenly go missing. But this isn’t about the assholes, either. So who’s left? Isn’t the world divided into two great camps, the LGBT and the assholes?

I have heard rumors that there are a lot of non-LGBT people who aren’t assholes. While I know that if these nice non-LGBT people thought about it much, they would realize they are really LGBT too, I accept them in fellowship as our “allies,” our “fellow travelers.” But they seem to be capable of so much more if they would learn our ways and join our joy.

If you think about it, an absolutely straight M/F couple is composed of two homosexual virgins, just as an absolutely gay M/M or F/F couple is composed of two heterosexual virgins. Our society has its virgins of many types, depending on market conditions.

Bisexuals, by comparison, are not generally virgins of any obvious type. Their basic virginities have all been properly addressed and remediated. They no longer limit their affections to but one half of humanity. All are fair game. All who will come may come, come who may. Right away it seems the bi’s must be the salvation of humanity, showing the way to cure sex and gender exclusivity in the vast community of virgins.

So, although the “straight assholes” are useless to humanity, our virginal friends of each sex and each orientation, including all those “straight allies” can help us reinvent the world as we help them reinvent their erotic range and sensibility.

But we also all really “know better.” It isn’t really a matter of either/or, even though almost everything in our cultural legacy works that way. We are all really trans on a whole range of dimensions—that is, our erotic and personal selves may be defined by fixed or changing, focused or inclusive characteristics—and nothing requires that we limit our expression or experience to any particular range of sex, sexual orientation, social affinity, gender identity, gender expression, or gender orientation, etc. The better we understand these dimensions in ourselves, the better we are able to understand and love our fellows.

The Transgender community breaks free from the assumed cisnormative roles of Bisexuality. The very concept of transgender refutes the idea that the bisexual experience can ever be erotically complete. Sad to say, cisnormative bisexuals are just another kind of virgin, needing to be healed. They are virgins to the amazing world of the transnormative experience.

I can imagine a future society in which the marked dichotomy in the pubertal development of secondary sexual characteristics (characteristics not essential to the reproductive function, now obsolete in an era able to technologically control such biological signaling) is viewed as a hereditary developmental disorder that penetrates almost the entire human species.

While social and natural selection may drive our species towards a dichotomous androgyny, there is no reason interim technological adaptations cannot also be used. For example, if adolescents of either sex were to receive supplementary hormones appropriate to their gender deficiency, many of the problems of natural breast development (in xy persons) or natural penis development (in xx persons) seen later in life would be greatly relieved.

Physicians already regularly administer GnRH blockers and trans-hormones to adolescents who plan to fully transition. Why should such therapy be denied the rest who will surely desire the androgynous results of trans-hormone therapy as their experiences of love grow and they come to embrace the full spectrum of joy available to them?

In the library you will find my paper Why We Are All Transgender, which explores the reasons we understand that the general transgender identity is actually the destined endpoint of human sociosexual evolution.

—Dan Massey