A Manifesto For The New Age of Sexual Freedom

The figure of Columbia, with a gender-fluid, two-spirit American native as the model, is VenusPlusX's icon for The New Age of Sexual Freedom

The figure of Columbia, with a gender-fluid, two-spirit American native as the model, is VenusPlusX’s icon for The New Age of Sexual Freedom

Editor’s note: republishing it by popular demand …

The New Age of Sexual Freedom is synonymous with the end of sexism and racism (the greatest form of sexual oppression), and the end of nationalism for the purposes of war (the greatest form of racism), in the shortest amount of time (because we are killing each other).


One of our most frequently asked questions is Why A New Age Of Sexual Freedom? Also, what’s that got to do with human rights — equality rights, immigration rights, environmental protections, and safeguarding net neutrality?

In honor of the relaunch of VenusPlusX, I am answering this question in the form of a manifesto, for the express purpose of continuing this conversation on line, which was developed for the most part with Dan Massey before he went on to other shores. Your thoughts and comments are welcomed. We crave your criticism.

To fully understand why VenusPlusX frames the quest for a more perfect world in terms of Sexual Freedom, specifically erotic freedom, first widen the lens a bit for the long view.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons

We are all capable of imagining an ideal state of being wherein every baby is born into the world free from all forms of discrimination and enslavement, and where human rights reign, including sexual freedom. These children are free to express whatever their personality wishes, to live and prosper wherever and however they determine. At last, there are no barriers preventing an era of world-wide mutual cooperation and support. Living Peace.

This state of being signifies that we have finally attained the most fundamental and personal human right, our inherited and inherent sexual freedom.  Only the achievement of universal sexual freedom, or erotic freedom, will symbolize our civilization’s full maturation — the point when everything that ever interfered with Peace on earth and good will among humans has been eliminated. No more sexism, racism, ageism, certainly no more war or destruction of the earth’s natural resources. Just universal pluralism, a world wide family.

Sexual Freedom is also important in another more basic way, and why VenusPlusX has propogated the more appropriate erotic freedom to get beyond words and get physical. Each human is endowed with health-promoting erotic senses. When a friend puts their hand on your shoulder when you need it, both of you feel comforted. Your electro-chemical systems fire up with the thrill of exercise and sport, and other activities you feel passionate about. Even your adrenalin in an emergency rushes through your every passageway. Erotic senses are your human senses and they operate asexually in numerous ways and also through sexual pleasure all the way to the ecstatic orgasm, something more than 90% experience. All of your erotic senses bring comfort, warmth, and safety in various dimensions everyday, igniting and awakening us to the larger world, even the cosmos itself.

And, more. Whether you perceive pleasure from your erotic senses as the stairway to heaven or just something that makes you feel better, more connected . . . more creative, our awakened erotic senses inevitably bring about much needed healing.These senses bring us into the realm of Love, and the expression of that Love, through Truth (consistency in real time), Beauty (harmony), and Goodness (Love IS the desire to do good to others). Again, another reason the attainment of sexual freedom is crucial to all human progress.

Creative Commons

Creative Commons

Your experince of your erotic senses may be mostly inexplicable, but they are there for a reason. You may have felt these, even for a fleeting moment, now try to put together as many consecutive moments just like them, and have a happy day.

These erotic senses are to be revered, even worshipped, for they are what connect each of us with every other human in the world, and beyond. 

It’s possible to open the lens wider still, and try to take the longest view possible, to understand how our perfecting world can progress speedily to the ideals we have in mind.

The progression and transformation of civilizations over millenia pass through many stages, from their most primitive roots all the way to universal pluralism (worldwide Peace). The attainment of Peace is the direct result of obtaining the most fundamental right of sexual freedom, the holy grail of all other freedoms.

Progress is a creative act, the ability to transform our selves and our world by adapting to better ways of doing things. Progress is always active and is often upstepped under certain positive circumstances.

Progress has its own evolution and ecology, always preserving and building upon what is old (historical) and also good (humane) while gradually dispensing with all other forms that are old and bad (inhumane, coercive), always in a state of forging a new and better art of living that is free from all forms of local and global enslavement.

All efforts to strengthen communities, the health, housing, and employment of one’s neighbors, especially those most in need, are surely part of this new age. Hospice is an excellent example of an eleventh-century global concept worthy preservation. So is the Internet, now unfortunately under attack by special interest profiteers who would impinge on its free and productive use by everyone on an equal basis. 

The military-industrial complex is an easy example of an inhumane and coercive system requiring redirection (say, a green army to protect our environment).

Progress’s natural ecology, then, becomes reflective of how we are getting from Point A (now) to Point B, that perfected world. This concept is nothing new since its been long recognized by agrarians, religions, cults, marxism, feminism, and the transhuman and futurist movement. Progress always synthesizes all that is good, forms worthy of survival and preservation, with everything that is new and also good, on micro and macro levels, so therein is our simple equation, what I like to call a formula for peace. And, progress has scientifically proved to us that the more you apply this formula for peace each day, the better today becomes, not just for you but for everyone that you touch.

Progress is a constant, gradual, sometimes cataclysmic, transfer from coercive systems— created during intermediate and often painful stages of civilization—to new, humane, voluntary associations. 

Wherever and whenever an approach, a thing, a process, whatever … is coercive (enslaves another human), a humane alternative can be found with just a tad of creativity. (Love, Truth, Beauty, and Goodness are good places to start looking.)

Expanding and improving voluntary associations are the result of creative, thoughtful, and for the most part selfless people working for the good of humanity, a silent form of mercy on a mass scale. There are those who go through life in an uncaring trance, not really present in any moment to make a lasting contribution to the evolution of civilization, or even be aware of much that is going on around them. The rest of us have to wake them up! (Maybe once they realize that enjoyment of sexual freedom is key to something better, they might become more attentive,see above.)

Most dangerous, the generational uncaringness (learned or invented) of people “asleep at the wheel” turns them into blind fodder for the relative few who would amass power, enslave them, and sacrifice their humanity through man-made, always corrupt at their core, coercive systems. The longer and deeper these maligning systems persist, the more hopelessness ensues and even more people drift into this semi-awake state.

So, there’s no time to wait! Arise!

Eventual, inevitable, universal pluralism is built of mutual
respect and individual responsibility, and is only made possible
through the creative energy of Love, a very
high form of Peace wherein we do good to one another.

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Transgender Transhumans! Are you headed to Venus Plus X?

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También en español Depending on how you space it, VenusPlusX or Venus Plus X, it’s no accident that you may have stumbled over a novel by Theodore Sturgeon of the same name. Since first reading Venus Plus X in 1960, it has invoked a strong resonance with my own inner truth even though it was Sturgeon’s creative imagination, a perhaps fantasy. It is our namesake because it stands as the earliest and still clearest exposition of the world’s essential ideas and ideals in the world of sex and gender, and guides the our work as advocates, educators, and activists.

In the novel, a 1950’s human male, Charlie, is transported through time to a distant future where the surviving population of earth is a people called the Ledom (that’s model spelled backwards). The Ledom are fully functional androgynes, being capable of mutual impregnation and of resulting individual pregnancy. Most of the novel is focused on exploring the emotional and dramatic situational differences between normative human bi-gender society (envisioned through time flashbacks) and the behaviors of the Ledom, who are free of all sex and gender inequalities and limitations.

Throughout most of the novel the reader is led to think that the Ledom are some natural product of human evolution or genetic reengineering. Near the end, after Charlie has become friends with some Ledom and given them some feedback on their society vs. primitive human society (1950s), they give him a rather detailed explanation of how they view the society from which he came and how that view has come to shape their own. This is Philo’s Manifesto, which is an authoritative debunking of human history, philosophy, religion, and pretty much everything else, while showing the way to a vastly higher and transcendent body of truth. This short statement it is a must read for every person on earth.

Although Philo’s Manifesto is surely one of the most remarkable and complete syntheses of rational human knowledge of a subject normally considered too exotic to be open to intelligent, unbigoted, unbiased discussion, the final reality of the Ledom is even more remarkable. While the directed biological redesign of the human race into the Ledom is surely enough to be called Transhuman, in the final chapters of the story it is revealed that Ledom reproduction is not entirely biological, but involves a complex symbiosis from conception to adulthood with elaborate medical machinery that continually reshapes the “natural” human biology of development into a series of stages that lead to reproductively mature Ledom. That is truly a Transhumanist idea and far ahead of its time!

Without the medical machines, Ledom infants would be ordinary human infants. The creation of the Ledom is a deliberate act of human creativity, expressed in biomedical technology. This is a transformation of a very basic human character as all members of society enter into this reproductive symbiosis with the machine as a way to perfect their society. They have diagnosed the problems of humanity and conclude they all begin with sexual dimorphism and the resulting bi-genderism that rises from ignorance and refusal to examine reality carefully. Their reproductive symbiosis with the machines allows each to mature into androgynes indistinguishable in hermaphroditic sexual function and completely without gender.

Like Sturgeon’s Ledom, we examine many of the problems of humanity. Like Sturgeon, we feel many of the problems would not exist if humans were perfectly androgynous; however, we see many technological alternatives to the “brute force” approach in the novel (remember that DNA had been discovered only a few years before the novel was written, and nothing was known of its detailed structure and function). For example, a simple reduction in the expression of secondary sexual characteristics and the adoption of extracorporeal fertilization and gestation could achieve similar objectives.

Thus, unlike the Ledom, we do not expect to abolish sexual dimorphism. Rather, we seek to encourage health and longevity by discouraging extreme dimorphism that causes the incorrect and unproductive bi-gender model, and encourage either biosex to develop as symmetrically as possible to enjoy the full range of psychosexual and gender experience available to the human nervous system.

Extracorporeal gestation remains a distant technological objective, although planned fertilization is now part of the culture.

Today, as we learn to accommodate the needs of consciously transgender pre-pubescent children, we know that even crude pharmacological intervention at puberty can greatly enhance the experience of androgyny for the matured adult.

The technology foreseen by Venus Plus X is still in the distant future and may never be developed as an option for directed human reproductive evolution. On the other hand, the social changes envisioned in the novel are ready to move ahead today, since they depend only on changing human hearts and minds, and that means education and socialization, not biology. At, we know how quickly such changes can occur in individuals and in groups, once a successful meme has been sufficiently distributed. While we support research into the technology of androgyny, we understand that the time is here today to empower the Transgender Transhuman community to assume leadership in the revolution for full sex and gender freedom and equality.


The Newseum—Vainglorious Journalism Leads to Triumphalist History

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The Newseum sits on Pennsylvania Ave. in the District of Columbia next door to the Canadian embassy about halfway from the White House to the Capitol. A magnificent architectural accomplishment in glass and some white metal (aluminum?), it contains a vast 7-story atrium. Everything that can be transparent is transparent. The parable for the news media seems rather obvious. And you can enjoy this Disneyesque production for a mere $21.95, for two days’ admission. If this seems a bad value, it’s probably because all the Smithsonian museums are free and have nicer gift shops.

Inside, arranged like the Stations of the Cross, are the tiers of exhibits, interactive playgrounds, working studios, more exhibits, a gift shop, and a food court. Unlike Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré or Guadalupe, the faithful are taken to the top of the mountain by an all-glass joy of an elevator. And then descend by ramps and steps to worship at each Station of the Press. Make no mistake. This is not a rational or logical endeavor. This is a monument to one of the religious cults of our nation–the so-called “Free Press.” As such, its pretentions are not limited by either fact or truth, but go to serve the great myth that is American “constitutional” government by the People. A basically good idea executed rather haphazardly, compared to what it promised.

A casual viewer may think that every major event in the last 200 years was initiated and orchestrated by the press. Further reflection shows that, even when events occurred unexpectedly, the initial and follow-up press coverage defined the public memory and archival record of the events, including multi-generational effects (e.g., future history). As an example:

We are shown how the rogue bureaucrat J. Edgar Hoover, could infiltrate the highest levels of our government through corruption, criminal conspiracy, and blackmail, even as a feckless press elevated him as a national icon of progressive law enforcement and public safety. Nowhere in this paean to Hoover and the press of the day, heavily sponsored it appears by the FBI, did I note reflection or self-criticism or even comprehension of the possibility that the press had been gullible co-conspirators in Hoover’s aggrandizement, which so distorted the realization of our national values throughout most of the 20th century and linger with us today.

There are many exhibits presenting a collective, synthetic record of events assembled from selected press reports. Where a death blow was dealt to all human freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution in the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court, the Newseum is silent. On as issue of grave importance and representing serious injury to the press, the press is silent, not only in reaction, but in acknowledgment of the destructive reality. They might as well be dead.

And so the press, with its collective ignorance and cultural biases, records the events of time. The stories and, finally, myths that arise from this shallow sloppiness become fixed in the minds of people and define what is considered to have been true, even it, as often happens, the press record bears no meaningful or logical relationship to the reality of the event.

The serious question raised by this subtle distortion of reality in the mainstream media is how it affects the development and interpretation of history, our national myth. For historians will draw on recorded data, and the mainstream media produce more data and content than any other private agency. So it is easy to see that the slant of the historical record is shaped by prevailing media assumptions of the period being analyzed. While a historian may find arguments and events advantaging one side or another in some dispute, his analysis may not penetrate to the underlying errors of thinking that distort the positions on both sides of a dispute. So when the media focus on a particular event uncritically, this naive approach tends to define the simplistic story of a complex issue. History is largely written by the winners of any dispute. Triumphalism is a great failing of the human spirit. And from this emerges bulshyte, not history.

“My name is Ozymandias, king of kings: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”

When we examine the so-called historical narratives of our own or other cultures, we quickly find much that is commonly believed that has no basis in reality at all. One need only consider the legends of the founding of our nation and the roles of George Washington to know that this is not the Native American view, not the French-Canadian view, and certainly not the Primitive Mormon view of what the United States is and what it stands for in terms of “freedom.” Our own national myth, enshrined in endless hours of fantasy contemplating and analyzing such delusions as “manifest destiny” and “states’ rights,” begins to resemble Horatio Greenough’s half-naked statue of George, a fitting symbol for the founder of a nation that glories in empire rather than service to humanity, no matter how little it relates to the man himself.


—Dan Massey


Why the United States Government is Damaged Goods (Part 2 of 2)

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On January 21, 2010, the 235-year lifetime of the first North American federal republic, which once called itself the United States of America, came to an abrupt end. On this date the Supreme Court of the nation issued an irrational and false ruling, in the so-called “Citizens United” case, born of a lack of any valid national visionary focus that effectively recognized and bestowed on every organized collective entity the full rights and privileges of a singular citizen. Our national constitution was designed to provide a process for managing collectives and overarching rights to limit their operation against the individual and personal choice. By according individual citizen rights to collectives, the court destroyed this balance. The result was the creation of an irremediable failure within the foundation of balanced decision making in the Constitution, resulting in the final destruction of any voice from the people at the ballot box.

Kenneth Arrow

Collectives are not and can never be functionally equivalent to individuals. The critical difference is in the quality of decision making. Individuals make choices based on their own sense of truth and their will to act upon it (or not). Collectives aggregate the opinions, true and untrue, fantastic and incomplete, of their members by various means, but never as an individual. The essential unfairness of this was conclusively demonstrated in the 40’s by Kenneth Arrow, in a PhD thesis that foreshadowed a lifetime of work for which he later received the Nobel Prize in Economics. In brief, Arrow showed that, given a group of three or more people, all expressing preferences according to their own desires, there was no possible way to combine their individual judgments to achieve a collective decision that would be non-dictatorial, representative, decisive, and fair, among necessary qualities. The main difference is that the individual decides, but the group decision making process, even conducted with perfect transparency, necessarily diffuses the inevitably illogical and irrational way the conclusion was reached, protecting the guilty within the group by spreading moral responsibility across the whole body of participants, both innocent and guilty. Of course, Arrow’s Paradox may also be taken as a proof of the inevitable inadequacy of any collective form of government to achieve all the ideals one might reasonably expect of it.

Today we already see our dead nation rotting away as a direct result of the single decision in Citizens United; however, a great many of the foundations of our nationhood had already been undermined or had never been implemented at all, as I noted yesterday in comparing the colonial treatment of the black man, who could be enslaved, to the treatment of the red man, who lost both life and society to avoid enslavement. Equality of opportunity and social redress for the injustices of slavery seem to have slowly, painfully advanced. The survivors of the great North American Genocide for the most part languish in poverty without social services or infrastructure, though some have won the proverbial jackpot by having control of petroleum sources or legalized gambling. The privilege gap between the Mashantucket Peqod, a tiny tribe that operates the vast Foxwoods Casino complex in Connecticut, and the Hopi inhabitants of Third Mesa in dry, red rocky, desolate, Arizona is now as vast as the income inequality of our nation as a whole, if not more so.

The Constitution elaborates a mechanical government and gives it force, while the Bill of Rights offers a set of vague and unenforceable promises to protect the individual from the depredations of government and the mob or horde. What can we possibly do to rescue our communities from the global plan of legalized slavery that is now sliding into place with the surety born of an alien invasion of overwhelming might? Old-style humans increasingly organize to own and control all property and, since property is essential to life, all living things as well. They have conspired to take control of all aspects of government, including the ability to define what government is and is to be. They have announced loudly their intention to make our presently oppressive government a refined instrument of total social and economic control, to accelerate the attrition of the weak by deliberately increasing the death rate through destruction of social and medical services and infrastructure, and to trap a planet in their incredible solipsistic delusions of personal grandeur. Such is the legacy of our pastfathers.

For over two centuries the worst of such bullies progressively gained greater control over the Federal government, the US military, and the know-nothing cults displaying their self-generated delusions and ignorance under false-flag Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, which, as “religions of the book,” are peculiarly susceptible to such spiritual derailment when subjected to ignorant literal reading of their largely irrelevant and obsolete texts.

And what has all this social terrorism of the meek and powerless achieved for our nation? I refer you to the table “American Shame” from the New York Times, where you will find the US has the poorest performance among all “advanced economies” in income inequality, food insecurity, prison population, and mathematics education. At the same time, US life expectancy at birth is significantly worse than all advanced nations except Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Slovakia. Our unemployment rate is higher than every country but Slovenia, Spain, Portugal, and Greece.

Monday, July 4, we celebrate our nation’s birthday and honor the vision of what our nation might have been had we been a truer and wiser people, less inclined to reliance on imagined history and other myths of the past, and more willing to replace fear with love. Now that we have witnessed the cycle of our old nation, like Greece, Rome, and other false social constructs, cycling to an ignominious end in a convulsion of greed, bullying, and imperialism, we know better for the future. It is now our task to build new ways of living on the remaining working parts and reusable structures of that which we now transcend.

Our own transhuman destiny calls those of us who understand and have experienced the full dimensions of complete freedom of sexual orientation and gender identity to accept our role as teachers and leaders in the founding of a new social order. From this day we shall move forward in time with the future, at last to build that great and fabulous society of which we have always dreamed.

Our own celebration this year might be viewed as a “Launch Party” for the “New Age,” which we eagerly look forward to helping to create. There’s mighty work afoot. Let us begin to prepare for the second great North American federal republic—the nation that is to be, that will realize the ambitions of humanity to be safe and at peace, where all can grow into the fullness of their abilities.

Hail, Columbia!

—Dan Massey


Where Did All This F*cking Evil Sh%t Come From?

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También en español It is undeniable that there is often a lot of pain and suffering in a human lifetime. While individual experiences vary widely, over the course of a lifetime most people will experience instances when they are confronted with the reality of an apparently genuine evil. And this inevitably starts the discussion, “Why me? What did I do to deserve this? If God loves me, why is he doing this to me? How can we love a God that would let something like this happen to anybody (not just me)? I refuse to accept the religious proposition that there is a God because I see only evidence of universal randomness, filled with constant strife between good and evil partisans! And even if there were one single personal God of the universe, he’d be way too busy to pay attention to the crap going on down here.”

But there are fundamental assumptions in this line of questioning that often go unappreciated. First and foremost are the implied assumptions about the nature of God. If one assumes that the God referenced is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent throughout time and space, then why isn’t the universe perfect? Surely a universe under the total control of a God of Love would never tolerate the amount of human misery and grief that surrounds us on all sides. Therefore, since the observed world does not match my prediction of what the world would be like if there were an omni-cube God, either such a God does not exist or my predictive method about what the world should be like is wrong. Sounds bad for my predictive methods—what man dare attempt to compass the purpose of God? Well, men have minds that, if you are God-oriented, are surely gifts of God. And my mind tells me that simplistic faith contrary to reason is most definitely NOT what any God I could personally respect would ever require of me. Therefore, if I believe the workings in my mind are True, I must perforce reject the concept of the omni-cube God. There simply is no such deity active anywhere I’ve been in the universe because his existence is refuted by the reality of my own experience.

And from this line of reasoning flows the faith of many devout atheists. It’s not so much that they reject the general idea of some sort of Supreme Being, but they can’t figure out what it would be good for because it doesn’t seem to even try to put things right in the world around us. If it’s out there, we obviously mean nothing more to it than an ant does to the automobile that ran over it in the road. Let’s try looking at this situation from a very different and more hopeful viewpoint.

Suppose that the universe is destined to be a perfect place of light and life—a universe of continuous unbridled joy in loving service, living truth, doing good, and making beauty. By our actions, our relationships, we are building small parts of this great universe of constructed perfection. But the perfect universe is not here today. Only portions are in evidence—the areas where love predominates over the primal emptiness of original space-time—where evil is merely the region into which love has yet to penetrate. Evil is not itself a reality. Rather, it is the absence of meaningful reality.

So evil is not something inflicted on us by an angry God, who abandons us to the vacuum of space-time devoid of Love. Rather, evil is the state of being where there is a weakened or nonexistent presence of Love. Since we are the creatures in the universe who are equipped with the ability to sense the presence or absence of Love, and with the tools of Truth guided reason that enable our will to effectively direct our loving actions, it is necessarily our responsibility to fill the gaps in finite reality where Love does not adequately penetrate.

The response of the finite universe to the force of destiny, the necessity of evolution towards a perfect state of light and life, requires the participation of many beings working together and dedicated to the ideals of Love, Truth, Goodness, and Beauty.

If you see evil in the world and have sufficient resources of Love, you can make the repair yourself. Our planet seems to have been shortchanged on loving service in the past, so we have a lot of gaps in our Love coverage. Many of these will require the cooperation of many people of goodwill, even entire communities and nations, to bridge vast gaps of lost communication and long misunderstanding.

So let’s get with it. Is there evil in the world? Then let’s work together in Unity to Love it out of existence. It’s our job to do this and this is how destiny is realized. Fear not to act. With Love and Truth you can only do Good and make Beauty.

—Dan Massey


Can I Transition to be a Transhuman?

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También en español Of course you can. On a normal world, with decent human lifetimes, it would happen naturally as your personality developed; however, the social structures of present-day human society are intentionally organized and maintained to inhibit such personal growth, assuring a docile attitude to the social bullies who manipulate unearned privilege to enslave the masses through religion, government, and business. But these are easy to override if you are serious about realizing your destiny.

But would you really want to be a Transhuman? Becoming Transhuman carries with it the personal assumption of responsibility for the consequences of your actions. It implies that you love and serve every person as you are loved and served by others. It implies that you are committed to the realization of a supremely perfected society throughout the universe by vigorous development and ethical exploitation of human technical and artifactual ingenuity on all levels of literal reality—physical, mental, and motivational.

Transhumans serve humanity in this way because their reasons for being and acting are completely removed from typical human concerns. The characteristic difference between a human and a Transhuman viewpoint is that, in contrast to the human, whose behavior is based on mythic memes imparted by family and society, the Transhuman sets aside all such myth in favor of direct engagement with reality guided by personal dedication to the realization of love.

It is hard for a human to understand how Transhuman behavior is controlled and directed. Without hard and fast rules of response to each social situation, how can anyone expect to have a coherent social experience, without the markers of privilege and dominance so beloved by the apes? The answer is quite simple. The Transhuman abandons all mythic systems in favor of a solid belief in and behavior towards a transcendent ethical system constructed from Transhuman actions in support of the finalization of destiny.

The guide to such living action, as well as the test of the validity of experience, is summarized in each Transhuman’s personal attitude towards the four supreme realities of existence in service to destiny. Love is the desire to do good to others. We Transhumans express the supreme values of reality when we demonstrate Love by living Truth, doing Good, and making Beauty. We reject all acts that do not contribute positively to the expression of one or more of these supreme values.

Humans transitioning to become Transhumans often experience conflict between the fixed attitudes of their old beast and their cosmic vision of personal destiny. For example, they may easily abandon religious myth, while adhering strongly to equally silly beliefs in philosophy or science. The challenge before humanity today is not to meet endlessly around a table to hammer out some foolish patch on a failed social model, but to abandon the cause of the confusion—the myths of our pastfathers, which never really had any value for us, no matter how we tried to breathe energy into their dead patterns. We may take inspiration from the motivation they displayed in their service to Love without being bound by the limitations of their acts and vision.

Humans who increasingly dedicate themselves to the honest demonstration of loyalty to supreme values in their lives are transitioning to a Transhuman state, and this is the fundamental connection that allows the human mind to interface with the cosmos and become part of the emerging collective consciousness of a joyful universe.

–Dan Massey

Transhumans Have Pastfathers

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Human language attempts to encapsulate how and what we think about a subject and assign a word symbol to that specific encapsulation. Often, however, the more or less random choice of an exact word symbol, either in naming or translation, will change the implicit attitude of the reader to the subject being referenced.

We address such a challenge when contemplating the persons who have lived before us under the generic name forefathers. The meaning is, of course, those who have come before us in time.

As Transhumans, however, our lives are motivated and controlled by our commitment to ever respond to the force of destiny, to be guided by future opportunity. We see time as a dimension stretching into the indefinite future, which gives us time enough to experience love while perfecting ourselves and our universe. We are leading the way for our generation on this planet, while those who came before us, lie in our past not our future.

But if we Transhumans are to truly take the promise of the future as our guide, we must transcend the mythic elements of our heritage from the past. In doing so we recognize that these people, dead symbols of ideas frozen in time, could at best be called our pastfathers.


By this change of term we do not mean to diminish or disrespect the valid contributions of the past to human welfare today. On the other hand, we emphasize that our actions today look forward to imaginative visions of the future, rather than being constrained by the foolish myths of the past. And this is in fact how the living bridge of a true collective human motivational bridge is achieved through joyful experience.

What actually is happening? The past is powerless to control the future except within the physical realms of material causation. Myths laid down in human consciousness across the millennia may have sustained an uncivilized society for a time, but are now seen to be valueless. Humans have ever erred by dreaming of the past. Though Transhumans may be physically constrained by the past, their ideas and ideals, their thoughts and visions, their dreams are the myths of the future—ways in which destiny might be realized.

True stories of the future are the proper replacement for mythic reality. The past can only disclose specific facts, whereas truth must be lived in the moment.

Join me in embracing a joyous and fabulous collective future as the Transhuman fellowship of affinity and obligation builds a better world.

–Dan Massey


Do You Believe in Fate? I Believe in Destiny!

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También en Español You may have noted that we never speak of “fate” and are constantly speaking of “destiny.” This is a very important distinction in our understanding of how the world actually works. As you become more familiar with the concept of destiny, as we use the word here at, you will see how it assists understanding of the nature of progressive change, as well as providing a positive vision of the future.

The Three Fates of Antiquity

Many people hold a viewpoint they consider “rational” or “causal.” They say that what happens next is directly determined by what was just happening and what’s going on right now, so that effects follow from causes in a linear positive direction in time. They claim that, although the future is not accurately predictable, it is nonetheless causally determined. Although they understand and admit the impossibility of accurately determining the state of the present with sufficient precision to accurately predict the future, they still cling to the irrational belief that, if they could do so, they would be able to predict the future accurately.

From this viewpoint, human life has no purpose other than the fulfillment of causation, causation in which human beings are able to participate to some degree to obtain desired physical results. People who adopt this viewpoint see the achievement of a desired result as the culmination of a series of actions, which, taken together, collectively cause the result. Thus, to achieve a desired result, we decompose the result into elements for which an achievable cause can be found. Such an approach is called “analytic” because it depends on the analysis of the structure of the desired outcome and the network of causes that (hopefully) will produce it. Such thinking is also called “reductionist.”

There is another, fully rational way of understanding how things will work. This approach considers the destined end state to be linked to current events by a “force of destiny,” a force that appears to carry pattern backwards through time, imposing it on the past, in order that destiny may be fulfilled. In effect, destiny is a future universe state and the force of destiny is causation expressed outside the range of knowable causes for the observer embedded in time. The necessity of a terminal event shapes unmeasured parameters to obligate all possibilities to a stable outcome, regardless of the factual event. Such force does not override time-forward causation. Rather it shapes and limits the actual active form of the experienced causation. The force of destiny obligates operative causes that are intrinsically unknowable because they are literally (relativistically) unobservable, lying beyond the range of immediately available information.

Most people who are aware of the rigor of so-called “mathematical logic” think of formal geometric proofs, analytic geometric proofs, and simple if-then-else inference logic. Otherwise apparently informed people seem quite unaware of the entire domain of “modal logic,” which provides mechanisms for formal reasoning about possibility vs. necessity and other complementary qualities of being. Such logic provides rigor to certain absolute concepts extending far beyond classical “truth values” of logical statements.

Destined Emergence of Universe Structure

Just as the concept of fate is well modeled by the logical pressure of sequential material implication, the concept of destiny is well modeled by teleological tension within a chain of necessities, which can require the totality of space and time (including domains beyond any possibility of immediate observation) to bring into existence possibilities unpredictable and unknowable from the historic record, no matter how complete. And it is the unification of two patterns in the present that defines us. One pattern flows forward in time from the past, changing to incorporate caused events. The other pattern flows backwards in time from the future, requiring certain qualities to be present in the temporal present.

The manner in which destiny emerges is “synthesis,” a complementary term to analysis. Observable present is the intersection of the possibilities emerging from causation with the necessities that synthesize the force of destiny. In time the universe progresses from an initial state to a final state, attaining destiny through the accumulation of causes. The causes that matter are the ones that recognize free will decisions by individual personalities. And the domain and range of such decisive causes necessarily link up to achieve the fulfillment of destiny.

This means that human free will is a reality with at least one bit of information content—either to do the right thing or to do anything else. But this also means that, no matter what the decisions of any collection of actors, nevertheless, destiny will be attained; therefore, since causation is preserved, the timelines of the universe appear continuous viewed from either direction.

To summarize:

  • Destiny is as real as history and gives purpose to existence
  • Destiny is more important, flexible, and significant than history because it is achieved through personal choice
  • Aggregated personal free will cannot violate either causation or inevitability

Humanity progresses by reaping the results of its actions; however, the productivity and value of those results is assured by adherence to the force of destiny.

–Dan Massey

Still a Virgin? Bi and Trans Can Help YOU!

Bisexual Erotica 8th Century Japan

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También en español Once you admit to yourself that you and everybody else in the world is “queer,” you have to confront the question of how the human race will continue if everyone is either L, G, B, or T. And this raises the question of how “straight people” can or should contribute to a modern, sex-rad society.

Of course, some people will immediately think, “If there are no straights, there will be no kids.” Well,  that thought is a symptom of the famous disorder of thinking called “bisexual erasure.” Oh, yes, bisexuals reproduce all the time, like rabbits. It is their nature. Try and stop them. And their kids are going to be kinky, too.

But this isn’t about reproduction. The LGBT community can easily repopulate the world with nice people if the assholes suddenly go missing. But this isn’t about the assholes, either. So who’s left? Isn’t the world divided into two great camps, the LGBT and the assholes?

I have heard rumors that there are a lot of non-LGBT people who aren’t assholes. While I know that if these nice non-LGBT people thought about it much, they would realize they are really LGBT too, I accept them in fellowship as our “allies,” our “fellow travelers.” But they seem to be capable of so much more if they would learn our ways and join our joy.

If you think about it, an absolutely straight M/F couple is composed of two homosexual virgins, just as an absolutely gay M/M or F/F couple is composed of two heterosexual virgins. Our society has its virgins of many types, depending on market conditions.

Bisexuals, by comparison, are not generally virgins of any obvious type. Their basic virginities have all been properly addressed and remediated. They no longer limit their affections to but one half of humanity. All are fair game. All who will come may come, come who may. Right away it seems the bi’s must be the salvation of humanity, showing the way to cure sex and gender exclusivity in the vast community of virgins.

So, although the “straight assholes” are useless to humanity, our virginal friends of each sex and each orientation, including all those “straight allies” can help us reinvent the world as we help them reinvent their erotic range and sensibility.

But we also all really “know better.” It isn’t really a matter of either/or, even though almost everything in our cultural legacy works that way. We are all really trans on a whole range of dimensions—that is, our erotic and personal selves may be defined by fixed or changing, focused or inclusive characteristics—and nothing requires that we limit our expression or experience to any particular range of sex, sexual orientation, social affinity, gender identity, gender expression, or gender orientation, etc. The better we understand these dimensions in ourselves, the better we are able to understand and love our fellows.

The Transgender community breaks free from the assumed cisnormative roles of Bisexuality. The very concept of transgender refutes the idea that the bisexual experience can ever be erotically complete. Sad to say, cisnormative bisexuals are just another kind of virgin, needing to be healed. They are virgins to the amazing world of the transnormative experience.

I can imagine a future society in which the marked dichotomy in the pubertal development of secondary sexual characteristics (characteristics not essential to the reproductive function, now obsolete in an era able to technologically control such biological signaling) is viewed as a hereditary developmental disorder that penetrates almost the entire human species.

While social and natural selection may drive our species towards a dichotomous androgyny, there is no reason interim technological adaptations cannot also be used. For example, if adolescents of either sex were to receive supplementary hormones appropriate to their gender deficiency, many of the problems of natural breast development (in xy persons) or natural penis development (in xx persons) seen later in life would be greatly relieved.

Physicians already regularly administer GnRH blockers and trans-hormones to adolescents who plan to fully transition. Why should such therapy be denied the rest who will surely desire the androgynous results of trans-hormone therapy as their experiences of love grow and they come to embrace the full spectrum of joy available to them?

In the library you will find my paper Why We Are All Transgender, which explores the reasons we understand that the general transgender identity is actually the destined endpoint of human sociosexual evolution.

—Dan Massey



Meek, Arise! Defeat the Bullies!

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También en español More clearly than at any other time in our past, the underlying mechanisms of oppression by which our cultures maintain the status quo are coming into sharp relief. These mechanisms divide the public interest into warring groups, easy to suborn and emasculate through political manipulation. For far too long the attention of the people, whom religion, government, and commerce exist only to serve, has been manipulated and diverted into hatred of their fellows rather than love and respect for individual autonomy. The collective folly and false presentations of reality presented by religion, government, and commerce instead force each of us to compete for resources and privileges of life because they are deliberately kept in extreme scarcity by artificial systems of ownership and distribution designed to support oppression.

Finally, the pretentions to love, truth, and public service are progressively falling away from human delusions of religion, government, and commerce. This is exposing the vicious zombie program that soullessly drives forward a cruel and uncaring social fate selected by bullies for personal and collective advantage over their fellow humans. We see exposed the naked foundations of human oppression. And they begin with sexual repression, culturally forced on infants the day they are born and never relaxed afterwards. And the brutality of this completely failed cultural system perpetuates itself as one generation insists that the next adopt its obscene and failed ideas and ideals.

Today the meek can see that their entire lives and life expression are being dominated and shaped by uncaring bullies, who have conspired to seize control of all human rights and liberties, denying the most basic needs to everyone who dare challenge the selfish execution of their desires against the whole of human welfare and progress.

by Khannea Suntzu

The time is at hand to end the bullying. The time is at hand to turn your back on the demands of a false and failed culture that would control your every desire, including the most basic forms of sex and gender freedom. The time is at hand to recognize the falsity of all religious myth, of all government hallucinations of moral purpose, and of all greed-based commerce. Those who would practice such bullying must be forced from society and isolated in their own personal world of delusion, never to abuse the trust of the meek again. The systems they have erected for their power and enrichment must be disassembled and reformed to the purposes of humanity or allowed to rot and decay in their own purposelessness.

Today the bullies have become well-organized and open in the expression of their desire to fully enslave the rest of humanity. The public statements of religious, governmental, and commercial leaders continually disclose their greed and cynicism, free at last from false assertions of selflessness or service that have surrounded them for millennia. Now they admit their purposes, even flaunt them inhumanely, so no intelligent person can fail to realize a personal responsibility to end the bullying forever and the bullies’ processes of persecution of the meek.

We outnumber them by the billions and there is absolutely nothing they can do if we all refuse to play their evil games. The bullies will try to use the meek who have bought into the system of oppression to force the disenfranchised to participate in this system that is unfair to their interests. The bullies will, as usual, try to do this with military and police force. Many members of these forces are not bullies but are themselves among the most oppressed by the bullies. When they come to understand the reality of their oppression they will refuse to continue to play the vile roles for which the bullies have so long exploited their fears.

Put another way, if you let some asshole dictate to you how to express your most basic sexual/gender character by legally limiting or guilting your behavior, you have enslaved yourself by giving them control over every less important thing you might think or want to do. You have denied your most central aspect of being in submitting to their ignorant or cynical delusion.

Defeat the bullies and you bring to an end the oppressive culture we have known and endured all our lives. We can replace it with a far better world in which all work together in diverse ways to accomplish common goods for the benefit of all, not just a few worthless bullies. The resulting rewards to humanity as all move forward in unity are beyond human experience and human imagination. Meek, arise!

–Dan Massey