Transhumans Have Pastfathers

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Human language attempts to encapsulate how and what we think about a subject and assign a word symbol to that specific encapsulation. Often, however, the more or less random choice of an exact word symbol, either in naming or translation, will change the implicit attitude of the reader to the subject being referenced.

We address such a challenge when contemplating the persons who have lived before us under the generic name forefathers. The meaning is, of course, those who have come before us in time.

As Transhumans, however, our lives are motivated and controlled by our commitment to ever respond to the force of destiny, to be guided by future opportunity. We see time as a dimension stretching into the indefinite future, which gives us time enough to experience love while perfecting ourselves and our universe. We are leading the way for our generation on this planet, while those who came before us, lie in our past not our future.

But if we Transhumans are to truly take the promise of the future as our guide, we must transcend the mythic elements of our heritage from the past. In doing so we recognize that these people, dead symbols of ideas frozen in time, could at best be called our pastfathers.


By this change of term we do not mean to diminish or disrespect the valid contributions of the past to human welfare today. On the other hand, we emphasize that our actions today look forward to imaginative visions of the future, rather than being constrained by the foolish myths of the past. And this is in fact how the living bridge of a true collective human motivational bridge is achieved through joyful experience.

What actually is happening? The past is powerless to control the future except within the physical realms of material causation. Myths laid down in human consciousness across the millennia may have sustained an uncivilized society for a time, but are now seen to be valueless. Humans have ever erred by dreaming of the past. Though Transhumans may be physically constrained by the past, their ideas and ideals, their thoughts and visions, their dreams are the myths of the future—ways in which destiny might be realized.

True stories of the future are the proper replacement for mythic reality. The past can only disclose specific facts, whereas truth must be lived in the moment.

Join me in embracing a joyous and fabulous collective future as the Transhuman fellowship of affinity and obligation builds a better world.

–Dan Massey