The Sexual Freedom Project: The Weight of Tradition

(También en Español)

What does repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” in the US military mean to you? To society-at-large? Now lesbian and gay soldiers can serve openly, but what about transgender soldiers as well? Why have lawmakers and the media paid more attention to homophobia to the exclusion of transphobia? How big a role do you think weight of tradition plays in restricting sexual freedom? Can cultural taboos change? How can parents, teachers, and community leaders help create new traditions that allow all of us to be more expressive of who we are?

Your input is needed! Please write to us, make us a short video, create an original work of art, a poem, or a song, and let us know your thoughts about how we can move closer to sexual freedom for all of us. If we feature your thoughts on our site, we will send you a free VenusPlusX t-shirt.

Video by Tiye Massey.