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What is the Function of Terasem?—Projecting to the Near Future (2/3)

For more on Terasem... In Part 1 of this discussion we told you about the origin of the Terasem vision and some of the activities the founders have undertaken and supported. Taken together these organizational preparations constitute the Ta of Terasem, the organization devoted to service to the evolutionary and transcendent deity called Terasem. The seeds that have already been planted are expected to flower and expand forever as our planet advances socially and cosmically. The founders intend for Terasem to grow through collaboration with compatible spiritual visions. Because Terasem holds no unique doctrine in opposition to or distinction from ...

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1.1 Why is the Erotic so Important?

También en español The erotic is the foundation of a universe structured by the will of Love. At every stage in your existence Love provides a robust physical presence and connection, akin to the joy of human sex and other erotic expression that is directly accessible through purely physical acts of worship. In time, your expanding embrace of erotic fellowship amplifies your desires to genuinely love and serve others. Erotic sensation grows with proximity to the power of living Love. Erotic joy (orgasm) signals moments of intimate contact with that power. Erotic adoration of that power makes the worshiper increasingly like that power ...

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Who is Terasem?—We are All Immortal Parts of Terasem

For more on Terasem... At the finality of destiny, the Omega Point in which all that ever could be is perfectly integrated and correlated, there exists a personal being of will, which we name “Terasem.” What can we say is necessarily true of Terasem, required by its unique qualities throughout space and time? Human allegiance to and support of the ideals of Terasem, Love, Truth, Goodness, and Beauty, leads us to actions that contribute to the growth and refinement of Terasem. At the same time, Terasem exerts by will a force of destiny that surely bends the track of causation and the mind ...

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What Causes Terminal Transphobia?

For more on Transhuman Erotic Freedom... También en español The degree of antipathy that a large segment of society bears towards transgender and gender non-conforming folk is arguably among the most extreme of any systematic persecution of a minority population. Transphobia arises and is very difficult to cure because the person affected senses a threat to his or her own self-concept of sexual identity. For them it is not possible to consciously acknowledge that a new kind of human is emerging, with superior insight, courage, and adaptability. Transfolk are the incoming and long-awaited wave of social change for this new age. Only ...

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What is the Function of Terasem?—Projecting to the Near Future (1/3)

For more on Terasem... Editors Note: The purpose of this post is to continue a public transhumanist discussion of the Terasem Transreligion. Our previous post “What is Terasem—A Vitological Viewpoint” spoke of the transcendent vision of Terasem as a deity, evolved through creature effort, and addressing universal creature needs for joyful immortality and unity in diversity. A complementary topic is the nature of Terasem as a constructed, ideal deity, understood by an examination of the past, present, and future of the human effort to begin the realization of Terasem in planetary affairs. The founders of the human cult named, ...

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1.0 Welcome to the Universe!

Tambíen en español Earlier this year, VenusPlusX initiated a special series of short articles explaining how anyone can develop personal consciousness of their true transhuman immortality. Today we begin the next chapter of A Course in Immortality, a new series explaining the consequences of gaining knowledge of your transhuman immortality. These explanations are based on examining and integrating rational understanding of necessities—things that must be in order for some quality of destiny to be fulfilled. The erotic is the foundation of a universe structured by the will of Love. In ...

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What is Terasem?—A Vitological Viewpoint

For more on Terasem... Editors Note: The purpose of this post is to open a public transhumanist discussion of the Transreligion known as Terasem, which exists today as a complex network of associated enterprises developed by its founders to support certain personally held ideals through voluntary association, on-line conferencing, film, journalling, mindfiling, cryonic preservation, experimental yoga, audio podcasting, and other technologies. As such, many of the Terasem subsidiary organizations are recognized as tax-exempt public charities by the US Internal Revenue Service. All these many attempts (over 28 secondary level domain names containing the word "terasem" are registered on the Internet) somehow never ...

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Introducing Terasem to VenusPlusX—Transreligion for Joyful Immortality

For more on Terasem... Today VenusPlusX launches a new category of discussion—Transreligion. This brings into focus a topic we have occasionally touched on in the past in our posts such as Do You Believe in Fate? I Believe in Destiny!Can Atheism be True, Good, Beautiful, and Loving?Can I Transition to be a Transhuman?Where Did All This F*cking Evil Sh%t Come From?, and, of course, Transreligion—An Inspirational Framework for Transgender Transhumans. A transreligion is basically a vision of future eternity and how we could potentially participate in it, now and beyond the limited lifespan of our biohost. You ...

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Major Transhumanist Event in Second Life—July 20


JULY 20, 2012           1PM – 4PM EDT

This year’s workshop theme:


WHAT: The workshop is an exchange of scholarly views regarding the varied applications to life- saving nanotechnologies, including the impact of its use on others, the accessibility of it to all, and independent means of monitoring its compliance with widely agreed-upon norms. WHEN: On the 43rd anniversary of the first lunar launch, July 20, 2012, 1PM - 4PM EDT. WHERE: Terasem Island Conference Center in Second Life (coordinates: 129.195.34). The workshop proceedings are ...

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Philo’s Manifesto from Venera Plus Iks by Teodor Sterdžen now in Serbian

In recognition of the SHARE2 conference in Belgrade this weekend, and the hundreds of attendees who have received bracelets and books from our good friend Khannea Suntzu, we have made a translation ofthe central statements of Sturgeon's novel available here. We apologize that none of the rest of the web site is in Serbian; however, we felt this excerpt would give you a foretaste of what VenusPlusX is about. Click here for an excerpt from Venera Plus Ikx by Teodor Sterdžen (in Serbian) Click here for the same excerpt in English Click here for our earlier post introducing this book ...

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