The Sexual Freedom Project

The Sexual Freedom Project: Breaking Down Taboos

We just love this guy. Here he is prompts us to ask ourselves if we are open and honest about our sexuality, how we have you defied taboos, fear, guilt, and how much religion affects our own sexual freedom and/or fears. Please share your thoughts with us. Make us a video, write to us, create a poem or a work of art. Take advantage of this opportunity to express yourself, and get a free VenusPlusX t-shirt as a thank you. More videos. To learn more about The New Age of Sexual Freedom, click here. TRANSCRIPT  All organisms that are capable ...

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The Sexual Freedom Project: Everyone’s Different

Young people more and more are rejecting the social construct of male and female in favor of gender neutral attitudes. Many queer youth are neither gay, lesbian, bisexual, or trans, and call themselves gender queer, or intergender, or don't label themselves at all. Dispensing with, breaking free of, traditional male and female roles allows each of us to be free to find our own unique expression, or non-expression, of our birth assigned gender. A post-gender world is a real thing, and is worth striving for so that each child is born is free from cultural "norms" that otherwise restrict growth and creativity. Read More

The Sexual Freedom Project: ‘Escorting’ v. ‘Prostitution’

We're talking another look at this Sexual Freedom Project video in light of our recent post, "Voluntary sex work is destined to evolve into a legitimate Sexual Healing Industry." Regardless of what money exchanges whose hands, sex work is a legitimate part of our culture in that it is, with the exception of forced prostitution, an expression of comfort and love however foreign that idea may sound to some people. What do you think? Is there a difference between between what "escorts" are paid to do, and what "prostitutes" are paid to do? Is sex work labeled differently depending ...

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The Sexual Freedom Project: Let’s Talk About Sex

We are taking a second look at this video which asked a lot of basic questions. Many of you contacted us privately with your answers, and often with questions as well. So what do you think? Who taught you about sex? Were you able to talk with your parents about it? Do parents have realistic expectations about the sexual activities of their children? How does a person know when they're mature enough to begin having sex? How can we ensure that young people have the relevant facts they need to make the best decisions about their sexual behaviors?What role does the Internet play in ...

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The Sexual Freedom Project: Freedom To Go

Have you ever been discriminated against or made to feel like an outcast because of your sexual beliefs, practices, or orientation? Are there certain cities or countries in which you feel more welcome to talk about or exercise your sexual freedom? If you felt like you didn't fit in because of your sexuality, would you consider packing up and leaving the country of your birth, of your childhood? What can we do to help people who cannot move to a more progressive locale due to economic or other barriers? What concrete steps can we take as individuals and as a ...

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A Manifesto For The New Age of Sexual Freedom

The figure of Columbia, with a gender-fluid, two-spirit American native as the model, is VenusPlusX

Editor's note: republishing it by popular demand ...

The New Age of Sexual Freedom is synonymous with the end of sexism, and the end of racism (the greatest form of sexual oppression), and the end of nationalism for the purposes of war (the greatest form of racism), in the shortest amount of time (because we are killing each other).

  One of our most frequently asked questions is Why A New Age Of Sexual Freedom? Also, what’s that got to do with human rights -- equality rights, immigration rights, environmental protections, and safeguarding net neutrality?

In honor of the relaunch of VenusPlusX, I ...

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The Sexual Freedom Project: Stop Genital Mutilation

In light of Kwani's 3-part series on male genital mutilation (circumcision), we are revisiting this particular Sexual Freedom Project video to keep this important conversation going. Have you made the connection between male and female genital mutilation and the issue of sexual freedom? How about forced sexual reassignment surgery practiced on intersex infants? Let us know what you think. Make a video, write a poem, song, or an essay -- or even create an original work of art -- and express your thoughts on these topics. If we feature your contribution on the site, we will send you a free ...

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The Sexual Freedom Project: Origins of Monogamy

We wanted to take another look at this video because monogamy is increasingly an important debate when otherwise solid relationships are irrevocably destroyed by one-time or occasional infidelity. Is monogamy in our genes? Or is it artificially imposed upon us by the state, religion, corporations, or social custom? Why does monogamy endure? What are its pros and cons? Is jealousy just based on fear of loss? Will polyamory someday be more accepted and prevalent, and decrease or increase jealousy? We want to hear your voice -- write your story, poem, song, or essay, or make a video or a piece of art. ...

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The Sexual Freedom Project: Birds and the Bees

I've decided to offer my take on some of the media I have come across here. There are hundreds of Sexual Freedom Project videos to choose from, each with an important message. Everyone's invited to join the cast by submitting your personal definition of or commentary on some aspect of sexual freedom. In this video, the speaker Ying details her upbringing, and the sex education that she received in Catholic school, telling us of the limited issues that were addressed when it came to the realities of sex. She and I share the idea that abstinence-only education creates sexual frustration. Not ...

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The Sexual Freedom Project: Use it or not

Revisiting what Eneko said about generational differences in how we talk about sex, saying, for example, that the use of pornography is always a choice -- use it or not. What was your sex education growing up? Was it easy or hard to talk with your parents about sex? Is accessibility to pornography important to you? Do you think is pornography serves society? Or helps with sex education? Please share your thoughts with us -- make your own video, write us a poem or an essay, or make us an original work of art. If your work is featured on the site, we'll ...

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